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TOD Consortium brings together an expert team of three partners coming from Italy and UK. The Consortium is well balanced and is composed of an aerospace Tier 1 (DEMA) and two research organisations (DEMA, TWI) which complement each other with their distinct expertise, approaches and methodologies. This ensures compatibility with the Clean Sky 2 structure and procedures and ensures proper dissemination and exploitation of results. The Topic Manager of the project is Leonardo, which is a global high-tech player in Aerospace, Defence and Security. In the Clean Sky Projects the Topic Manager is responsible for negotiating the technical scope with the consortium as well as monitoring the progress to meet the project’s goals.

Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with several facilities across the globe, TW ( is one of Europe’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, employing 740 scientists, technologists, administrative and support staff world-wide (523 in the UK and Europe) and with annual (2017) group turnover of £60 million. TWI works across all industry sectors with expertise in key aspects of materials, materials joining, structural integrity, static and dynamic testing and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and has representation on over 100 standards committees.

Involvement in the project:

TWI will coordinate the project and will lead the dissemination and exploitation activities. TWI will be involved in the part of the Resistive Implant Welding evolution for industrial full scale items. Alternative processes evaluation will also be performed among Machining versus Additive Manufacturing (AM) for fitting. Non-Destructive Inspection will be carried out on the assembled parts prepared within the project and a Life Cycle Analysis and Cost Analysis will be done based on ISO 14040:2006, ISO 14044.

DEMA – Design Manufacturing SpA has been operating in the aerospace industry since 1993 as an innovative company with the capabilities to offer a complete, integrated product. Dema’s mission is to be Aerostructures World-Class Supplier, to create Added Value integrating Design, Industrialization and Manufacturing, and to be the Partner to Share the Challenges. The main customers are OEMs such as Leonardo Company, Bombardier, Pratt &Whitney, Strata. Dema developed several projects on different aircraft programs from commercial to military aircraft. The company took up the challenge imposed by today’s competitive market and has consequently developed significant research programs and technological innovations at an international level. By contributing to the most important international aerospace programs and Research & Development initiatives, DEMA has the ability to offer a wide variety of up-to-date products and to perform as an integrator for other suppliers and their customers. The hierarchical structure at all levels ensures a continuous transfer of technical and problem solving skills through the organization and the operations teams. All the activities developed for R&D as well as for the industrial partners are clearly stated to the development of integrated processes and methodologies for composite/metallic aeronautical complex structure as the fuselage. The competence in leading large-scale structural design, with emphasis on damage analysis, and the experience of manufacturing of substructures of real scale is attested by the backlog on the commercial airplane (A380, A321, B787, C-Series, G7000/G8000, ATR, ..). Dema, with a staff of more than 600 employees, has facilities and engineering offices located in Somma Vesuviana (Naples), subsidiaries dedicated to composite manufacturing in Paolisi (Benevento) and Brindisi. Lastly, Dema is also present in Montreal (Canada) with Dema Aeronautics, a design and engineering center.

Involvement in the project:

DEMA is the technical coordinator of TOD project. DEMA will take responsibility in process set up and validation at full size with special regards to process development and validation and to tools design and fabrication for process validation. In addition, DEMA will lead parts fabrication for on-ground fuselage demonstrators coordinating the tools chain definition, design, manufacturing and consequentially the parts manufacturing. DEMA will collaborate with CETMA in the final assembly of the Door by the assembly of Door mechanism.

CETMA is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) based in Brindisi, Italy which carries out for more than 20 years applied research, experimental development and technology transfer in the field of advanced materials (composites, polymers, bio-based and recycled ), ICT (development of specialized software for engineering, manufacturing and services) and product development. It is a non-profit organization reinvesting all profits in research, training and technology transfer. It has 4000 square meters laboratories and offices and 85 employees as researchers, engineers, designers and project managers. Founded in 1994, it was born from a public-private partnership promoted by ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) with the aim to strengthen technology transfer and innovation processes of the National Industrial System and in particular of Southern Italy regions. CETMA is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for research and development in the field of advanced industrial engineering and for the development of integrated engineering projects for industrial applications. Placed in a strategic position, in the center of the aeronautic Apulian pole, in the south of Italy, the last 15 years it focused its investments in the aeronautics field extending its facilities and competencies. Nowadays it is becoming more and more a point of reference for those companies that aim to invest in innovation in the field of composite materials. Through the execution of research projects, CETMA generates new knowledge and enriches skills and abilities of its staff, promoting growth and consolidation of highly qualified human capital in the area. Knowledge generated by research projects and skills acquired by the staff are used to deliver advanced services and contract research to companies and institutions meeting and responding to their needs. Doing that, CETMA implements a concrete technology transfer, knowledge generated by its researchers and technologists is used to solve innovation problems of its customers. In this CETMA believes and invests every day.

Involvement in the project:

CETMA participates in the project with its Materials and Structures Engineering Department (MAST), the main strength point of which is the availability of integrated competencies in the composites field: material and component design, testing, manufacturing process, materials properties, mechanical behaviour, simulation of material, component and process by finite element commercial software, certification issues in aeronautical field.